Niki Anandi Koulouri

Leadership and Creativity Coach | Enneagram Practitioner | Trainer | Facilitator | Speaker

Extended Disc® Certified Consultant – Associate 

Accredited Trainer (EOPPEP – National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance)

Certified Coach (TopTeam World)

EMCC Greece Member – EMCC Cyprus Member – International Enneagram Association Member 

I was born in Athens in 1967. I have more than 30 years of operating experience in business.


I create through many different roles and in different areas. I have worn many different hats, the one of business owner, the employee, the consultant, the trainer, the coach and at the same time the spiritual seeker in combination with my involvement in areas of psychology and personal development.


All these have given me the opportunity to comprehend a business from many diverse perspectives.  This leads me to believe that it is an absolute necessity to view a business from many different angles.


During a management class in 1997 a teacher of mine said something that stayed with me all through the years: “In order to manage a company, you first have to learn to manage yourself”.


The principles are the same, whether you are managing yourself or a company. The principles to manage crisis and change, are the same, regardless if it is on a personal or a company level.


In a world of constant challenges, changes and evolution, planning, measuring and sticking to the rule may not work. What was effective and useful yesterday, does not work anymore.


The future is created by being in the moment. It is created by the awareness of what is going on in the here and now. Today, more than ever, having self awareness and strategic thought is an absolute necessity.


The system, whether it is personal or business, needs to connect to its self and know:

  • Who it is
  • What are its behavior blueprints
  • It’s values
  • The direction it is taking


It is of utmost importance to have a purpose and a meaning.


Self-awareness requires connection to the parts of the system and connection to the people, no matter what their role in the system is (stock owner-employee-manager-client-supplier).

Modern science reminds us that we live in a world of interrelations and it is necessary to seek out these relationships, connect to them and the information they have to give to us. We live in a world where we are doers, and at the same time, observers of what is happening. This means that whatever our role in the system is, we also play our part in affecting it, forming it, creating it.

What I do as a Coach, Personal Development Group Facilitator and Meditation Facilitator

I inspire and empower people to take charge of their lives and their business. I provide them with the tools they need to live a mindful life, full of meaning, purpose, creativity and happiness.

What I do as an HR Development/Training Consultant & Accredited Professional Adult Trainer 

I design, implement and facilitate workshops/programs or experiential learning programs, customized for the organization’s needs in order to achieve breakthrough results in a radically changing world.

I have been working since 2002 with many companies and organizations in both Greece and Cyprus.

Fields of expertise:

Sales, Customer Service, Communication, Team Dynamics, Leadership, Change Management/ Resilience, Conflict Management, Personal Development – Self Awareness, Creativity, Training, Coaching, Enneagram

Major Public and Private Sector Customers in Training

As an 4people matters Associate Trainer

Avin Oil, Caven, Edenred, Eurolife ERB Insurance, European Reliance General Insurance, Interamerican, International Life, Merc, Swarovski Hellas, Unison

GSK, Novartis, Lilly Pharmaserve, Pharma Swiss (CCM Consultancy Associate),

Imerys, Credit Agricole, HSBC, (Thrive Global Facilitator),

Coty (Maximun Performance UK Associate)

As an MMC Associate Trainer

American Embassy in Cyprus, Ancoria Bank, Central Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus Bank, Cyprus Tourism Organization, Cyprus Research Organization (Ι.Δ.Ε.Κ), Cyprus University of Technology, CYTA, Eurolife Insurance – Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, Kronos, Laiki Bank, Logicom, Marks & Spencer, Telefone shops, University of Cyprus, Upset

As an Exelia Associate Trainer

ACS Courier, Alico Insurance (Metlife – Alico), European Reliance General Insurance