My Bio – Niki Anandi Koulouri


Niki Anandi Koulouri

Niki Anandi Koulouri

Leadership and Creativity Coach | Enneagram Practitioner | Trainer | Facilitator | Speaker
Extended Disc® Certified Consultant







         I have over 20 years of hands-on experience in Learning and Personal / Professional Development and over 30 year’s business experience being a manager, business owner, and consultant.

         I have teamed up with many organizations in Greece and Cyprus, designing and materializing workshops and educational programs based on interactive and experiential approaches.

I use techniques and methods from Systems Theory, Gestalt, and Art in the experiential process. In my work with people and organizations, I utilize the Enneagram, a model that encapsulates the nine basic types of human personality and their intricate relationships.

              I am an expert on leadership development, coaching, organizational development and change management, team dynamics and conflict management, emotional intelligence – spiritual intelligence, personal growth, stress management, resilience, mindfulness, well-being and creativity.

             I am a member of the Hellenic Coaching Association/ EMCC Greece, the EMCC Cyprus, and the International Enneagram Association.

            As a coach, I work with individuals, leaders, and teams. My coaching style is situational and client-centric. It varies between non-directional and co-creational depending on the situation and the client’s needs. I have designed a program for developing the coaching skills of sales managers/directors, known as Sales Coaching Circle. More about my coaching philosophy and approach: 

          Contributing back to society is part of my ethos. I have been active in offering pro bono coaching for NGO managers and university students for the coaching programs: Solidarity Program/ Talent Coaching for Youth Program in Greece and the Solidarity Coaching Program / Corporate Coaching Program / Youth Coaching Program in Cyprus. I have been a member of the Organizational Committee of the Talent Coaching for Youth Program since 2017.

My motto is: ‘Live Your Purpose.’