What Clients Say About the Coach

Niki Anandi Koulouri is a Leadership and Creativity Coach, Enneagram Practitioner, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker.

What clients say about the coach Niki Anandi Koulouri

‘The coaching program was valuable because it gave me some time to think about myself and my needs. It was also a way to structure a reflection process over a longer period of time which made it easier to deeply explore challenges …  As a result of the program I feel more prepared to manage my team. It not only helped me identify new strategies but also helped me value those strategies. This combination will assist me in following through with my action plan.’ 

Alden Jacobs

Director, Visual Voices – Cyprus

‘The program helped me put some order in my internal chaos. I found my needs, my values, who I am and what I want. Having identified all the above it helped me chart clear targets.  Now I am in a state that even if I detour from my targets I can immediately recognize it and know how to get back on track without losing myself in my internal chaos.’

Vasiliki Alexopoulou

Owner, Alexopoulou Royal Insurance Agents – Greece

‘By realizing the lack of a personal vision, the coaching experience helped me unleash my inner power, understand more about myself and how others perceive me, discover what i really want to do. I re-engineered the way I connect with people, the way I contribute to my work environment and made me focus on thw enjoyment of the everyday work challenges.

I created a visible and desirable future vision for me, to drive me and inspire me. I felt comfortable with my choices, my team and colleaques and offered me a less stress decision making process.’

Ilias Pantelopoulos

Managing Director, MRM/MCCAN

‘The coaching process helped me get to the essence of the problems I faced at work, and now I am dealing with them.
It helped me realize my own stereotypes that affect both the way I think and my behavior.
It helps me process situations which largely depend on attitudes and behaviors of others and may not change that affect areas of my work, as data I have to manage effectively and not to experience them in a negative way.
I am in the process of adapting my own behavior so that I can experience my work and my contribution in a positive way.
It helps me reduce my work related stress. Instead, greater space is occupied by logic and tranquility.’

Ntelia Tziogkidou

Manager of KETHEA-KIVOTOS, KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals) – Greece

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