What Clients Say About the Trainer

Niki Anandi Koulouri is a Leadership and Creativity Coach, Enneagram Practitioner, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker.

What Clients Say About the Trainer Niki Anandi Koulouri


I personally know Niki about twelve years now, always as a trusted and very valuable trainer and business counterpart with whom top quality and customer service excellence was simply guaranteed! We have collaborated on may training – mostly- projects and the satisfaction rate of her audience was always close to 100%.

From both companies I have worked with, the choice to go with Niki on a project, was linked with our demand for alternative solutions and
approaches, and satisfaction of ‘challenging’ audience/participants. Due to her experience, Niki has a helicopter view on business, so she can easily propose the right solution each time; her active listening skills are quite astonishing, as her work involving a ‘sales’ aspect, she NEVER sells herself in the known and usual way… she just listens and then lets her work do the sales. She is generous, open and very flexible to adapt a program even while close to being complete, I have seen that ‘live’ a few years ago!

My latest collaboration with Niki was December 2013 (the reason why so much time has passed since then is that I left on maternity J) for a group of 15 people. The request was truly very demanding both in terms of the brief she received as well as on expected outcomes, but Niki proposed us EXACTLY what we imagined! Not only this, but she delivered as promised, which is part of her professionalism.

The approach for this workshop was multidimensional and “different”: for all participants to come to terms with their mind, spirit, soul and body and do that together as a team and individually; Niki created the right synergies with the right people and the outcome was an experience we could have never imagined!!

For all the above reasons and many more, I trust Niki all these years for her knowledge, professionalism, values, ethics and integrity and I sincerely recommend her for any type of learning or coaching challenge!!!

Avghi Apostolatou

Head of HR, Swarovski – Athens, 27th Oct. 2015