A sample of my clients in Training/Learning Solutions since 2002

In Greece – Major Public and Private Sector Clients

  • Swarovski Hellas, Eurolife, Acs, Alico Insurance (Metlife Alico), European Reliance General Insurance, Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications, BMW Hellas, Hyundai, Kia – Davari, Subaru Hellas, Cosmote, Wind, Otenet, Open 24 – Eurobank, Johnson & Johnson Medicals, Pfizer, Boehringer, Marks & Spencer, Ederned (Accor Services), Alpha Insurance, Avanti, Proastiakos, Hellenic Ministry of Land Use.

In Cyprus – Major Public and Private Sector Clients

  • Cyta, Telefone shops, American Embassy in Cyprus, University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, Hellenic Bank, Laiki Bank, Cyprus Bank, Logicom, Mark & Spencer, Kronos, Upset!, Eurolife – Bank of Cyprus.